Game will definitely make you way more neurotic, and it will almost certainly damage your social competence as well, although if you do enough “fieldwork” you stand a good chance of building some social skills by int of experience alone – however, the frame you deploy these skills from will be very maladaptive. In the long run, true game acolytes develop either full-blown aspergers or delusional sociopathy.

Game is simply an ideology, and a bad one at that. (Which begs the question of “what, if anything, constitutes a good ideology,” but that’s a topic of another day.) Yet it’s fairly obvious why game is compelling. For one, I think that the modern rates of divorce and numbers of unhappy, sexless marriages is a terrifying thing. It’s only natural for a man to want an antidote to that social poison – especially one who comes from a broken home, or had a partner cheat, or has been dumped, etc. – and game purports to offer a solution, with scientific-sounding explanations and an “us vs. them” mentality that tends to attract male minds with an analytical bent and a downtrodden slant.

For two, I think a lot of guys come upon game at low point in their life (again, broken home, cheating partner, etc.). The nice thing about hitting rock bottom is that you will almost inevitably be moving on up in the not-too-distant future. But if game gets its hooks into you at rock bottom, then the odds are good that you will mistakenly attribute this inevitable progress to the tenets of game – a giant placebo effect, as mentioned on this site. You think that game “saved you,” and by that point you might be truly irrecoverable.

Many (most?) guys eventually realize that game is bullshit. What I wonder is about the paths they take after that realization. Some, like this site and its participants, call the bullshit for what it is and move on to reality. My own path was like that. It one day dawned on me that game was a purported substitute for being good looking, confident, having status, wealth, friends, etc… well wait a second, why not just go work on that stuff and forget about game? As it happens, that made for a much more enjoyable life.

But some other guys go down the path of essentially redefining game. Now game isn’t about DHV’s and IOI’s – no, it’s about hitting the gym, building an interesting lifestyle, and having balls. I’ve seen this called “natural game.” Roosh V calls it “gameless game,” and he marks it as the ultimate destination, with his material simply being a map and a shove to help get you there (and in that regard, he’s probably the least deleterious of the gurus out there). I think this renaming is a little pointless. Why not call it “having your shit together” or “being a cool guy.” Or if you insist on calling it game, why not get specific, like “physician and amateur musician game” or “vp of engineering and triathlete game.”

The divide seems to spring up from the refusal to “go direct.” There some kind of ego investment in game that prevents guys from just walking up to girls and saying “hey I think you’re cute.” Thing is, for me at least, when I finally decided to just do that, most of my approach anxiety went away! When I think I have to say just the right things at just the right times in the just the right ways in order to have any hope of reproducing, then not only does it put a shitload of pressure on me, but it’s also in stark contrast to the way I feel most comfortable interacting with other people (that is, directly). I can’t stand it, and I doubt I’m alone in this. But for all their talk of gameless game, these clowns still cling to this notion that you have to approach indirectly, or at most, “indirectly directly” (fuckin lol).

All I can say is “show me the pussy!” What’s your close rate with any sort of game vs. just fucking talking to girls? I’m hoping that good looking loser’s post on this starts a trend where guys start sharing these stats. People denigrate Janka’s results because he’s tall and looks like a “supermodel” (lol), and I’m sure GLL will get the same flack for being tall and muscular. Optimistically, I look like Jason Statham (average height, bald, in shape, wear expensive but basic clothes), and my own overall close rate is about 5%, and I have nowhere near as much experience was GLL. But I’m not putting my face and name online so I don’t know if anyone will by that either.

Anyway. This site and GLL are hopefully the wave of the future. Keep it up. I just hope it doesn’t all wind up going to hell a la Janka and his current bullshit.