You would think that somebody who has what it takes to go to Harvard would have his pick of the best women. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a bygone era, perhaps, but not in today’s post-feminist world, where empowered women don’t need a Harvard man to win the rat race. In fact, with the nature of modern college admissions – essentially an elaborate hoop-jumping routine that now starts in kindergarten – I would say elite schools select against facility with women, for the men who have made it into those hallowed halls have, by definition, spent the bulk of their lives engaged in hoop-jumping. And a man who’s primary skill is hoop-jumping will fare poorly with women (Game 101).

As for the types of women at Harvard – well, the hottest ones don’t go there. In school, the pretty girls are the popular girls. They get invited to all the parties, and asked on dates by all the boys. The not-so-pretty girls don’t have the same experience – but thanks to modern culture, they have the same unbridled hypergamy. So when they realize they can’t get the top 10% of guys at their high school, they shoot for the top 10% of colleges as a surrogate alpha. Of course, not fully understanding the nature of things, they get there and are usually astounded to see that it’s not full of alphas, but rather smart betas who are good at jumping through hoops (barring the odd athletics admission). So the hypergamy circuits kick in again, and they get the elite job, and…

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